Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Books Lying Around

In lieu of an actual post, I bring you a list of what I’ve been reading/ plan to read. 

From the library:
Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking, by Susan Cain.  Everything you wanted to know about introverts but were afraid to ask.  The human personality is a complicated thing.  Is it possible to reduce it to these categories?  I am not sure about the generalizations of whole nations being introverted or extraverted.  But it is good to read a book which validates the way I operate in the world.  I actually finished this book.

Deception On His Mind by Elizabeth George.   This author was recommended by Cassi on her blog.  I’m just starting it.  I like the writing and the characters so far.  My main difficulty is that the actual book is heavy and partly falling apart, so it’s hard to read in bed.  I have such a tough life.

Murder Carries A Torch : a Southern sisters mystery, by Anne George.   I haven’t started this one yet.  It was on the shelf near the books by Elizabeth George.  I tend to like books that have “Southern” in the description.  There are little old ladies on the cover.  We'll see.

How to Read the Bible For All Its Worth by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart.  The Bible is full of word play, so the word play in this book’s title is well-placed.  I’m reading this in preparation for a Bible study we’re starting. Pretty soon it’s going to be all Exodus all the time for me.  I love it.

From Dad’s Library:
Reversed Thunder: The Revelation of John and the Praying Imagination by Eugene H. Peterson.  A very helpful explanation of one of the most enigmatic and upsetting books in the Bible.

On the Kindle:
Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe.  The most famous author I had never heard of, until he died and NPR published an obituary.  It’s kind of a falsehood to lump all of Africa together, but supposedly he was one of Africa’s most famous and beloved authors.  I read the first chapter last week, and am intrigued.

The United States Constitution, by a bunch of Dead White Males.  Great bedtime reading. 

This reading list is brought to you by Vertigo. It’s back and I’m on antibiotics.  I plan to lie around reading a lot.


Suburban Correspondent said...

I'm sorry to hear about the vertigo! How do antibiotics help?

Common Household Mom said...

It's a sinus infection. Once again I am left to wonder if my life would be better entirely without sinuses.

Cassi Renee said...

I have been thinking of picking up that book on introverts, since that is how I would describe myself.

Elizabeth George books are long :-) Easier to read on a Kindle. I hope you will enjoy it.

I have never experienced vertigo --unless it's similar to the bed-spins I experienced in college after a night of too much alcohol? I hope your infection will clear up quickly.

The Crislers said...

I've had vertigo a total of maybe two days of my life; having it on a semi-regular basis sounds miserable. How on earth can you do anything other lie completely flat?

There are all kinds of books on introversion popping up right now, and while I want to check one out (being an introvert myself), I haven't been able to to decide which one to read.