Monday, October 15, 2012

Slings, Arrows, and Rocks

For some reason, the adults around here have been feeling worn out.  Perhaps it’s because we are well into the full-scale taxi service we run for our children during the school year.  Perhaps it’s the duties of our volunteer posts which are wearing on us. It must be partly due to being in the sandwich generation.  In short, it’s probably just the dodging of the usual slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that is making us exhausted.

On a recent evening, my husband said, “Was anybody else tired today?”

I said, “Yeah.  I was really tired today.”

Youngest Daughter said, “That’s because you didn’t go to bed when I told you to.”

OMG, LOL!  Talk about yer role reversal!

Then last Tuesday, as I was driving Youngest Daughter to Hebrew School, I was musing about how I should have asked my son to drive her instead of me, because why is his homework time more important than my time to putz around reading blogs, and cooking dinner, and such.    

YD broke the silence by asking, “Mommy, if the rocks in the yard came alive and started attacking you, what would you do?”

At least it wasn’t the ‘how are babies made’ question, which I have also been asked while driving.   I said, “I would quickly add that question to the list of impossible questions my daughter asks me.”

YD:  “Mommy.  Really.  What would you do?”

Me:  “I would find our neighbor Mr. S and get him to shoot the rocks.  Because he has a gun.”

YD:  “I don't think that would stop the rocks.  The bullets would just go ‘ping.’”

Me:  “Well, I would ping the rocks.  I think that would stop them.  What would you do if rocks were attacking you?”

YD:  “I would scream and run away.”

Me:  “Well, I wouldn’t do that, because I know that I could never outrun a rock.”

As usual, my answer was not up to YD’s high expectations.

Here’s hoping we all can sleep like a rock tonight, if not outrun them.  


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm thinking I'd want a sledgehammer to protect myself against rocks--or a jackhammer;)

Cassi Renee said...

Green Girl has really thought this through.

When we were returning from watching the Beatles concert, we were talking about how wonderful the world would be if people would just do what John Lennon suggested in Imagine. After a short silence, Emma said "If there were no more wars, all we'd have to worry about are psychopath killers." I think we may be watching too many crime shows.

I do feel for you, though, because Emma also enjoys asking questions that have no real answers. And sometimes I just want it to be quiet :-)

The Crislers said...

I love her question! Man, what WOULD I do if all the rocks in my yard came alive? I'm going to be thinking about that all day.

Common Household Mom said...

Green Girl and Emma are certainly being practical!

Angie said...

Guess I'm in luck. No rocks in my yard.