Friday, June 15, 2012

School Year Recap, College Edition

What we learned this school year, College Edition

What did our dear Oldest Daughter learn in her first year of college?

“I learned how to swing dance.  And I learned how to play Fantaisie-Impromptu [by Chopin].  I can play all the notes, maybe not fast enough, but I have learned all the notes.   Those were the main important things I learned.”

The Common Household Parents cried a little inside.  Oldest Daughter is not a music or dance major.  Did she not learn anything in any of her classes?

“I learned how to use statistics, and how to calculate statistics by hand, because the school said SPSS was too expensive to give to us.  I learned that the Hebrew teacher was annoying, and I am not going to take Hebrew again.  In psychology class I learned that people have an affinity towards careers that contain sounds from the beginning of their name.” 

But perhaps Oldest Daughter knows something we do not know (she is always telling us this, anyway.)  Perhaps learning how to swing dance is the most important, because it provides joy in movement.  Certainly we need to learn things outside of classes.  For instance, my husband said that this is what he learned this school year:

“Always take a jacket with you to Cleveland.  And I learned that in every single seminar, someone will drop their pen.”

As for this Common Household Mom, the main thing I learned this school year: no matter how fancy the concert hall, there will always be someone who talks during the music.

Happy end of the school year!  What did you learn this year, inside or outside of class?

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Liz in Virginia said...

I learned that you should never take the Provost's parking space.