Monday, June 11, 2012

School Year Recap, 7th Grade Edition

What we learned this school year, 7th grade edition

This past Thursday was the last day of school.  We shall celebrate on the blog this week in my traditional way, by asking and answering the question “What did you learn this school year?”

7th grade answers
Youngest Daughter: In Science, I learned that Charles Darwin had a lot of children.
Husband:  How did he have time to have children?  He was on a boat going to the Galapagos to study turtles.
YD ignores her Dad and continues: I learned about the feudal system.  And I learned that Mrs. B gets really mad that the Vikings are skipped over in history. 
Me:  I’ve heard of the Vikings. They are not skipped over.
YD:  Mrs. B. says they only get two pages.  In English I learned how to write a grant.
All:  What?!
YD:  Isn’t that what a persuasive essay is? 
(We are gape-mouthed.)

YD: In Reading I learned about the K.
All:  The letter K?
Oldest Daughter:  Do you mean The Cay?  It’s pronounced “key.”  (An argument ensues over pronunciation.)
Me:  Did you learn anything in gym?
Julia:  I learned about sexually transmitted diseases.
(This is a total conversation stopper at the dinner table.)

YD resumes:  In math I learned about polynomials.  But I missed the lesson on how to add and subtract them. 
Son:  It’s not that hard.
Oldest Daughter:  Yes, it is, if you haven’t learned how to.
Son:  So is walking.


Cassi Renee said...

You guys have the best conversations. For this reason only, I might have considered having more than one child. Luckily, it's too late now :-)

Angie said...

For some reason, I never asked my kids this question at the end of the school year. That was two weeks ago. Probably too late now.