Thursday, June 2, 2011

Undead Dinner Conversation

We are fortunate in our family to have dinner together often.  And we get to talk about all sorts of things.  Such as this:

Youngest Daughter said, “I have a riddle.  What do rich people need, poor people have, and dead people eat?”

I doubted this would lead to a dinner-appropriate conversation, but I ventured an answer: “Worms?”

Son:  “Is this a zombie joke?”

Youngest Daughter: “NO! That would be the UNdead!”

Son:  “If it were zombies, then the answer would be ‘brains.’”

Youngest Daughter, getting testy: “It’s not brains, and they’re not zombies!”

Husband said, “Is the answer ‘real estate’?”

Youngest Daughter, visibly angry: “NO!”

Oldest Daughter said: “Nothing.”

Youngest Daughter said, “Correct.”


Marcie said...

Funny how kids are alike. I offered this riddle to Allison and she said "brains". When I said "no", she replied, "I thought this was a zombie joke."

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Gotta love a family who can bring zombies up at the dinner table!

Anonymous said...

That's great! And it sounds like one of my family's dinner conversations. I'll have to try it out on them tonight. Thanks!