Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School's Out for Summer

Today was the last day of school.  This summer has started much like last summer, with my youngest child sick.  She made it through the last day of school, but developed a fever late this afternoon.  She said that half of the school day was devoted to signing yearbooks, and the rest of the day was useless.

At dinner she did share with us what she learned this year.

Youngest Daughter: “In science I learned the matters of physics.”

Oldest Daughter:  “Do you mean that you learned about matter?”

Youngest Daughter:  “No, I learned the matters of physics.”

Son:  “Did you learn about anti-matter?”

Husband:  “Anti-matter is just matter with a negative sign in front of it.”

Youngest Daughter:  “No, I learned the matters of physics.  I learned how to roll a marble down the hallway as far as it can go.  You put it on a slide, and the momentum makes it go “Whee!” and it rolls until it bounces off a table leg and then goes even further.”

Youngest Daughter: “I learned the English rules, which are very confusing.”

Son: “Wait until you learn about the semicolon and the ellipsis.”

Youngest Daughter, insulted:  “We DID learn about the semicolon.”

Husband: “What about the semi-ilium?  And the jejunum?

Japanese Thingies
Youngest Daughter: “I also learned the names of one of the Japanese thingies.”  No further explanation was given.

So learning at school is done.  For how to proceed during the summer I bring you advice from that same daughter’s school art project, which mostly proves that she did learn how to write neatly, at least once.


jan Falcona said...

great quote to live by!

Jamie said...

Japanese thingies. Love it.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Japanese thingies:)

Suzanne Casamento said...

Just keep swimming! Great advice. And I love that you just left the conversation at Japanese thingies.

Too cute!