Thursday, June 16, 2011

Join the Bloggy Exercise Craze

How do you get motivated to exercise?  Lately it seems that many in my bloggy world have taken up some form of exercise.  Alise is moving from Couch to 5K.  SheRev is running strong.  The Suburban Matron has been known to Shred and Rip in just 30 days.  Angie was recently hiking up large mountains in Big Bend National Park.  Green Girl in Wisconsin not only teaches martial arts, but is making a movie, starring 26 kids, called Crouching Poodle, Hidden Hamster.

You go, girls!

My exciting life involves sitting:  sitting at the computer, sitting at music lessons, sitting at the graduation ceremony, sitting at church.  Feeling pudgy, two weeks ago I resolved to move a bit more, and even joined the summer attendance program at Jazzercise.  Then I promptly caught a cold from Youngest Daughter, and couldn’t do anything for lack of lung power. 

Last week, having somewhat recovered, I tried to get with the program.  I woke up at 6:30 AM and went out for a walk.  I saw two rabbits, 5 birds, 27 chipmunks, another early riser watering his garden (he said hi), and a toilet (it was trash day).  The toilet reminded me of the chores waiting for me at home. I wished I could sing “Aaaah” like Princess Giselle in Enchanted and get the animals to follow me home.  Since housework doesn’t count as exercise, I might as well get some animals to do it for me.  I would ask the resident children, but it’s easier to get animals to do housework.

Thirty minutes after I began my walk, I was back home, asthmatic after my exertions.  Since then I have used every excuse in the book to avoid both exercise and housework.  It’s raining. I’m coughing. I have too much to do.  And my favorite excuse: it’s time for lunch.


Renee said...

"I would ask the resident children, but it’s easier to get animals to do housework."

Great line, made me smile, and soooo true.

I'm not pudgy --I'm officially fat. I keep thinking that now it's summer it should be easier to get exercise, but so far summer has been busier than the school year! I'm hoping that gardening counts as exercise. :-)

Angie said...

Absolutely, housework counts as exercise, but keep up the walking and jazzercise. You'll feel better. I enjoyed Bally's when I lived in Pgh -- and it's so close to you!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You have to find something you love. Exercise is torture otherwise. Although making a karate movie with 26 kids is torturous too...

Maria Sondule said...

woah woah woah, housework does count as exercise! It just burns less calories than jazzercise. Do both if you can, but don't kid yourself about what you're doing to be active. If you're running around vacuuming, count it. But also count the hours in front of the computer working. It's a tradeoff.