Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Donkeys

For the past two nights the Common Household has reenacted the Exodus from Egypt.  I’m sure the Israelites were more exhausted from the actual events than I am from the reenactment, but dang, I’m tired.

We have also entered Holy Week.   On Sunday our scripture reading was the Palm Sunday story from Matthew Chapter 21.  I noticed something that had slipped past my attention the other 573 times I have heard this scripture.  Jesus instructs his disciples to bring not one but two donkeys.  Good heavens, why two beasts?  Isn’t it awkward to ride two donkeys?  Was one of them for the luggage?  The other gospels only have one donkey. Why does Matthew need two?

Sometimes in reading scripture I get so interested in little tidbits like this that I miss the bigger message.  Our pastor gave a fine sermon, including the main question this passage poses: Who is Jesus?  Is he a king?  If so, what kind of king? Our pastor also pointed out that the word ‘Hosanna’ at that time did not necessarily have a religious tinge to it. 

But he did not address the issue of two donkeys.  So I was very happy to find an interesting interpretation of this on She Rev’s blog.  The answer is about half-way down, but if you have time to read the whole post, She Rev makes some excellent bigger points as well. 

And having baked unleavened food all day, mourned the effects of 10 plagues, exited Egypt by God’s almighty hand and outstretched arm, walked through the sea on dry land, and served 5 different desserts to please everyone’s palate, I am going to bed.   Happy Passover!


Angie said...

Huh, I wasn't aware of that either.

Sounds like a lot of cooking!

Stephanie Anthony/She Rev said...

Wow! Thanks for the link!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy Passover!
Sometimes it's fun to dig into the details. Sometimes you have to realize a boot is just a boot. The big question is when to know which to do.

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend, and get some rest! :)