Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peeps Lab

Our aspiring scientist is excited to be entering this Peeps Diorama in the contest at school.  It is "Dr. Peeps' Lab".  She says that the one wall is colored blue so that the patient (in this case the green bunny Peep) can relax before undergoing surgery.  Blue is a relaxing color.

The middle Peep is using a microscope to look at cells.  The artist is particularly excited about cells, and will tell you all about them, if you give her half a chance.

The artist says that the third Peep is "working with chemicals, of course!  How could he NOT be working with chemicals, since he has all those containers?!"

Artistically it may not win the top prize, but for a display of Peeps career goals, I think it is outstanding.  Not that I'm biased in any way.


Renee said...

That is fabulous! I love the use of peeps. I have a friend who, along with her husband, plays a great game with peeps --they have one that they hide back and forth for each other. I think the same peep has been used for several years now, and it looks exactly the same as when it was a young peep :-)

I spent the day helping my daughter create a relief map of Algeria, which was a lot of fun.

Common Household Mom said...

Renee: A relief map of Algeria is an excellent project! I hope you get to display it publicly and prominently.

As for the Hiding of the Peep, that peep must be the consistency of cement by now. It will probably last forever.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

PEEPtacular! That is so darn clever.

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

I've never been a big fan of Peeps, but I am curious to try those chocolate-covered Peeps I've been seeing in the stores this year.

Alise said...

These are brilliant! Well done!