Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to Normal

There are a lot of thoughts swirling around in my mind, but at the moment I’m lacking the time and energy to write them down.  So I’ll just say that I drove over the same roadkilled opossum five times today, and only the fifth time did I consider whether that possum could contribute to our dinner. 

I put more than 40 miles on the car today, all within a five-mile radius of our house.

It seems that following an anxiety-producing spring break and unusual Easter celebration, life is back to normal for the Common Household Mom.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well, that would be a fairly tenderized serving of meat by now, wouldn't it?

Renee said...

Yeah, that driving thing. When I bought a new car several years ago, I opted for a tiny one with good gas mileage. At 5'10" I sometimes feel a bit squeezed, but when it's my fourth time running the 10 miles into town and back in a day, I figure I can put up with being squeezed :-)