Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Fairy Labor Protest

Last night Mr. Weatherman predicted another 2-3 inches of snow overnight.  You would think Mr. W. would be tired of that prediction, and would predict something else like, say, sunny and warm with a high of 75 degrees.  Not today.   Instead we get “occasional snow, very cold, with a high of 21 (feels like 6).”

Let me tell you this, Mr. Weatherman: this Snow Fairy is tired of shoveling snow.  And I have a cold.  In order to protect my delicate lungs, I decided to be  proactive in gently suggesting that someone else, someone younger and more agile and without a cold, could do the shoveling the next morning.  So I put this sign on the inside of the front door, where the two resident teenagers would be sure to see it in the morning:

But this is what I saw in the morning:

Why bother to shovel snow when you can walk through it?  It’s only 3 inches of snow. I guess my children have better shoes than I do.  When I walk in 3 inches of snow, my feet get cold and wet.

And that’s when I decided.  The Snow Fairy is on a work slowdown.  As a labor protest I only shoveled half of the walk.  So there!  Take that!

Now the Snow Fairy wants to unionize.   Snow Fairies, Unite!  You have nothing to lose but your shovels!  


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That must be the difference between teenagers and kids--my kids are happy to shovel the snow. But we're paying for that "help." Hm.

Anonymous said...

You've reminded me of that Relient K song, "High of 75." I'm listening to it now on YouTube. All of our snow has melted, but it's certainly not 75 degrees outside.

I live in Texas, so we don't even own a snow shovel. Occasionally it snows enough to warrant shoveling, but it almost always melts within 24 hours. And during last week's snowy cold spell, we all just stayed in the house until it was over.

But we do have teenagers here. Ours don't catch the subtle hints either. "How was I suppose to know that note was for me?" Ugh.

Angie said...

Still cold here in Louisiana, only in the 30s today. But next week is supposed to be back to 70. For some reason, we brought our shovels with us when we moved from Pa. They're still in the garage, not used in almost 4 years.