Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Groundhog Month, all over again?

In the Common Household, the calendar is king.  Our messy wall calendar is my Personal Data Assistant.  I sometimes carry this giant document to the orthodontist or dentist to make an appointment.  This causes the staff to chortle, but hey, we show up at our appointments, don’t we?

This calendar works.  It is the one thing that the Professional Organizer praised me for when she came to save my house from Burial By Stuff.  The key to its success is using pencil only to write on it.  And not to write too big.  One time my husband wrote, in pen, in large letters, DENTIST APPOINTMENT 8:00 AM.  As if he was the only one who would have something going on that day! 

When I first got the calendar for 2011 I was so delighted to have a restfully blank calendar that I took a photo of it.  

And then, just for comparison, a photo of February 2010.  About half the events on there had to be cancelled because of excessive snow. School closures are helpfully circled in red. 
So I am just wondering what is in store for us this February.  We are off to an inauspicious start, with a two-hour delay today.  Will we find ourselves stuck day after day, like Bill Murray, in a never-ending cascade of school closures?  Will the Boy Scout Klondike Derby – a winter skills competition – ironically be cancelled due to snow, as it was last year?  Will Andie MacDowell show up and teach us how to be less grumpy and more generous, in spite of the weather?  I think we have already paid our nasty weather dues this January, but it’s not up to me.

I give just as much credence to Punxatawney Phil as to rolling the dice, so there’s really no way to know.  But the “historic” ice storm we were expecting today did not materialize.  There are many happy events scheduled on the calendar now: Quidditch practice, bake sale at church, Shakespeare festival, Science Bowl, school concerts.  The list is exhaustive and exhausting. The one event that I hope will be cancelled is this Saturday:  another debate tournament that I have to judge.  But these are never, ever cancelled because of snow.  Not nobody not no-how.

What are your plans for February?  


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

PTA meeting, bowling, wrestling practice, karate, hunter's safety class, basketball, Super Bowl, trip to California, dinner with friends, book club, countless errands and too short a month to do it all!

Common Household Mom said...

Green Girl, if that were my list, I would just be saying "Trip to California, Trip to California" over and over! That part sounds great!

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

School has been cancelled here tomorrow and Friday both, due to cold (20s) and potential for ice. We're having the youth group here for a Super Bowl party, like Green Girl, though I suppose she's rooting for Green Bay.

Go Steelers!