Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nighttime Barbie

Writing Challenge:  What if you were a Barbie that was only active at night?
(For an explanation of Writing Challenges, click here.)

The participants in this challenge were aged 8 and 14, plus 2 adults.  Our responses:

Writer 1 wrote:
Oh my gosh, it’s like, totally dark in here!  It’s like, you know, like summer, only without the sun.  OMG, how am I supposed to, like, find the phone?  If I cannot find the phone within the next, like, minute, I ‘m going to, like, die!  Because I need to, like, talk to all my friends, ‘cause we’re like, having a talking marathon and I’m like, gonna so kick their butts.  OMG, I just, like, bumped into something!  Is that, like, a mall?  Because I like need to be near a mall to survive.  OMG, this place is so weird.  Why is it so, like, dark in here?  Is anyone listening?

Writer 2 wrote:
Let’s take inventory:
light-up miner’s cap – check.
Glow in the dark compass – check.
Pink phosphorescent dune buggy – check.
Animal-repelling bikini with magnetic utility belt – check.
Fluorescent lipstick, spray-on hair sparkles, luminescent nail polish, and silk braided bull whip – check.
My name is “Indiana Barbie” and I am off to explore the Temple of Doom.

Writer 3 wrote:
I hopped on my bike and steered into the hall.  I had been doing this for weeks.  I loved it.  I was a Barbie active at night, a toy during the day.  I knew it would be light soon so I snapped off my helmet, climbed off my bike, and went back to see the sun rise.

Writer 4 wrote:
Hi!  I’m Nocturnal Barbie!  I come with a black leather outfit, a black ski mask, and infrared vision goggles!  My accessories include a lock pick, a crowbar, and, of course, gloves to prevent my fingerprints from being left behind ! ! You can use me when you want to play “Night-time Robbery” or “Breaking in to the Bank” ! !   Only from Mattel.


Sara said...

Haa! Loved each one of these!

karen diane said...

This is good stuff. I think I might give it a go with my kids....LOL. And I hope you did use writing challenge with your church group (or will in the future!) as it is a terrific idea!