Monday, January 16, 2017

To Keep in Mind

Some quotes NOT by Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Anger doesn’t help you win. 
            – Trevor Noah

But you should not have gloated over your brother
    on the day of his misfortune.
- Obadiah verse 12

“There’s a danger on the internet that you think you’re accomplishing something,” he says. “So you see an article about a disease and retweet it and think ‘It’s cured now!’ And you’ve fooled yourself into thinking that you’ve done something productive.”
-Judd Apatow, interview in New York Times with Maureen Dowd.

Note: I do not know who Judd Apatow is or why he should be famous. 


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Trying really hard to keep the hate from my mind this week.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It's been a few weeks and these are all still true.
I'm trying to not despair. I'm hoping to get Trevor Noah's book, Born a Crime, in audio format.