Saturday, January 7, 2017

Disturbances in the Universe

Jan 1, 2017
Last night I dreamt that a dog tried to swallow my arm.  The dog wasn’t vicious, just hungry.  In the dream, my mother had decided to let the dog stay in the house, but hadn’t thought to buy any dog food.

Jan 2, 2017
Today I narrowly avoided running into a deer. I had just turned the corner to head up the hill from the park, and a deer decided to run into the path of the car.  The anti-lock brakes worked on the wet pavement.  It is worth pointing out, though, that when anti-lock brakes are working, it seems like they are not working – it feels like the car is skidding.

Jan 3, 2017
A spider fell on me in the shower.

In summary, I still can’t fully trust dogs, car brakes, or spiders.


Suburban Correspondent said...

That last one? Is the worst. I would still be screaming.

Angie said...

I can't say much of anything interesting has happened to me, good or bad, so far this year. It's been quite uneventful. Typical January.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Fun fact: a cow could swallow your arm. They don't really chew, so it wouldn't hurt. It actually happened to my youngest, who was up to his armpit in a cow last year.
Anyway. Dairy state fun facts.
We've had a lot of spiders this month. Weird. There too, eh?

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I can't even begin to analyze your dog dream (and I'm a little freaked out about Melissa's cow fact AND the idea of my baby being up to his armpit in a cow).
My anti-lock brakes feel like they are stuttering. It happens often on our icy roads this winter. My deer took out the grill on the minivan -- I call her Betty the toothless wonder (the minivan & grill, not the deer).
PS: I do not recommend watching the movie Arachnophobia.