Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Survey: Language

Thanksgiving survey:

While you are waiting for your pies to finish baking, why not take part in the annual Common Household Thanksgiving survey?!  Three easy questions.

1. Name a language which you do not speak, but for which you are grateful, and explain why.

2. What is your favorite word that you associate with Thanksgiving Day?

3.  What is your favorite word in a language that is not your native tongue?


JJ said...

1. French. It sounds so sexy and cosmopolitan.
2. Food.
3. Namaste.

smalltownme said...

1. Italian. I love the food, want to visit Italy, and toy with getting Rosetta Stone Italian lessons.
2. Gravy
3. Tacos! (We're having carnitas tacos tonight and that's all I can think about!)

Angie said...

1. French, because it is a major part of Louisiana's unique culture.
2. Family
3. Lagniappe (lan-YAP) It's a Louisiana word meaning "a little something extra."

Kathy Miller said...

1. Dutch. My family on mom's side is Dutch. When I hear them talk it sounds like they are trying to clear their throats. We laugh about it together. I love my Dutch family. They are very open-minded.
2. Family
3.Gesundheit! I am very limited in languages and I admire anyone that speaks more than one!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Patience_Crabstick said...

1. Gaelic (Irish) Because it is my heritage
2. Pie
3. Kummerspeck - German. Translates literally to "sorrow bacon" and refers to weight gained because of emotional overeating.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Latin--it's the root of everything!
Thankful. A whole holiday just for gratitude is critical to a culture's happiness, isn't it?
Patience has the best answer for this last question (and they are GOOD questions!). I guess my answer would be "Salut!"

The Crislers said...

1. Latin, because I love that a good working knowledge of one romance language makes it possible to understand the rest with a bit of effort.

2. Pie, because pie.

3. "Algo," because in college when a new acquaintance discovered I was a Spanish minor, they inevitably asked me to say something in Spanish. "Algo" = "Something" Obviously I had many friends.