Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sweets Conversation

This is a ceramic cupcake.  We own it, although I am not sure why.

A recent after-dinner conversation

Husband (eating a chocolate bar): This chocolate is made entirely of endangered species.

 (He was referring to this chocolate bar.  YD was unfazed by his provocative statement.)

YD: Speaking of which, what is a spotted dick?

Me (not knowing what a spotted dick is, but letting my imagination get the better of me): If I were you I’d be careful talking about such things in mixed company.

Husband:    Of course, there’s the yellow-breasted booby.  But you’re not supposed to learn about that until you’re older.

YD (still unfazed):  I already know about that – it’s a kind of bird.  Who was your first woman?

Me:  (choking)

Husband:  Lucille Ball.   I watched her on TV every night.

YD:  Dad!  I mean not on TV or in your dreams but in real life.  Who was your first date?

I am not sure how he answered that question, because by then I was bravely googling ‘spotted dick.’  I was hoping it was something as innocent as a kind of African antelope.

This is a dikdik.  It is not spotted.
It turns out it is a British dessert, a sort of a pudding with dried fruit for the spots. You should trust me on that, because if you google “spotted dick” you will be seeing ads for T-shirts saying “I love spotted dick” every time you get on the internet.

This is Spotted Dick.  Microwaveable.
Thankfully, I have never seen this in my local grocery store.

One big thing that is wrong with this post is that it does not include pie.  Sadly, I have not had the time to make a pie in quite a long time.


smalltownme said...

I remember watching The Galloping Gourmet make Spotted Dick on TV in the 70s. I ate some once at a pub, not in England but in Ashland Oregon.

jj said...

I didn't learn what "spots" were until I was nearly 50! And now THIS! Oh, dear! What else don't I know?

Angie said...

The things we learn . . .!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Check out the Jugged Kippers...those Brits have the BEST names for things!

Common Household Mom said...

Jugged Kippers - I looked up a recipe and decided that Jugged Kippers are something I will only eat if there is an apocalypse.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

First of all, I share your concern about the ceramic cupcake. It makes me smile... and yet, WHY? For some reason, I have known about Spotted Dick for many years but no one has ever been brave enough to eat some with me, so I cannot claim to have tasted such a treat. The fact it comes in a can is rather off-putting. And finally, I'm with you on the Jugged Kippers (also knew to me).

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I'm now trying to remember which of those chocolate bars was my favorite... probably whichever one was filled with espresso.