Sunday, September 18, 2016

Let's hope that it's fiction

Last month one of the books I read was Coraline, by Neil Gaiman.  It's a superbly-written book, but shudderingly creepy for a children’s book.

This month I am reading a far scarier book - The Plot Against America, by Philip Roth. 

The book starts in June 1940, with Charles Lindbergh, famous airplane pilot and isolationist, running as the Republican candidate in the presidential election against Franklin Roosevelt.  The book is a fascinating mix of actual history and historical fiction. Here is a quote from page 6:

… Lindbergh …. expressed quite openly his high regard for Hitler, calling Germany the world’s “most interesting nation” and its leader “a great man.”  And all this interest and admiration after Hitler’s 1935 racial laws had denied Germany’s Jews their civil, social, and property rights, nullified their citizenship, and forbidden intermarriage with Aryans.

Lindbergh really did say things like that.  

I am finding this book (copyright 2004) has a lot of parallels with current events.  

In Roth's book, Lindbergh wins the election. Very scary.


Angie said...

I bought Coraline last year for my niece who was in 4th grade. She loved it! I have not read it. Nor have I seen the whole movie -- just the beginning.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I did not know this about Lindbergh. History would be greatly changed if King Edward (Queen Elizabeth's Uncle David) had not abdicated -- he was an admirer of Hitler -- and if FDR had not won that election.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Lindbergh was a total shit. Even the EAA Museum in Oshkosh makes a point of reminding people of that fact.
Chilling parallels.
Have you read The Graveyard Book, also by Neil Gaiman? I want to read everything he wrote. He is brilliant.

Cassi said...

These are frightening times. And it's frightening to have relatives who seem incapable of seeing the parallels.

smalltownme said...

Yes, "Green Girl in Wisconsin," he is. Brilliant. I adore Neil Gaiman. Total fangirl thing happening here. I loved Coraline. The Graveyard Book. Ocean at the End of the Lane. Neverwhere. Stardust. American Gods. Anansi Boys. Fortunately, The Milk. Fragile Things. Trigger Warning. The Sleeper and the Spindle. I am working on reading his entire ouvre. (I'm not so fond of graphic novels so Sandman is tough for me). His new book will be Norse mythology which I'm sure will be available at my bookstore since we feature Scandinavian stuff. And I saw/and heard him speak, last year.