Friday, October 16, 2015

Just in time

Freeze warning tonight, people!  The natural turning of the earth progresses.

This morning I managed to find two minutes to harvest our final produce (and found two more minutes to post it here).  Frost is predicted for the next few nights.

Our "garden" (read two pots with dirt) produce, including the
smallest tomatoes ever.
When my husband saw that banana pepper, he said, "How did we grow that in our garden?"  He is correct in implying that growing things in gardens is not our forte.

Also on our property this week, just in time for Halloween, we have this:

This Raven is not quothing no more.

I think I shall name him Edgar Allan.  I am also going to leave him there until next week, in the hopes that a hungry animal will carry him away.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Our first frost is tonight, too.
Nothing quite like a carcass to add that ghoulish effect to your fall decor!

Cassi said...

We had our first freeze last night. Most of my annuals were taken out, and I spent a lot of time today cleaning up a bed and pots. I also planted some new bulbs. It's kind of sad, although it has been a nice autumn and was a great, crisp, day outside today. We did not, however, stumble over any dead birds!

The Crislers said...

I've found no crows or any other dead bird, for that matter, but I have stumbled upon half a dozen dead squirrels lately, most in the road, but not all. I've also seen three dead shrews (at least I think they're shrews) in the last week. What does it all mean? All I can think is that they can't face another looming winter and have given up the will to live.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I prefer to stay away from dead animals. I think we've been safe from frost so far at home (I'm currently visiting at the old folks' home) but if my son plans to eat his peppers, he'd better pick them soon!