Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sibling Rivalry Over Passover Bagels

Dear Reader, I don’t know if you noticed, but Passover is nearly upon us. Get ready to leave Egypt on Monday night! 

This year, I am not quite ready to leave Egypt.  I have only found time to make two batches of Passover bagels (one batch for our college kids) and one batch of Passover lemon squares ahead of time.  Right now I am off to do more baking, so I leave you with this tale of sibling rivalry from last year.

* * * * * *

First off, I made Passover bagels.  My husband suggested that next time I vary the flavoring (gasp), and his suggestion for once did not involve Cream of Mushroom soup.  So I made a foray into uncharted territory (appropriate for Passover, eh?!): cinnamon raisin flavor.  I left half of one on my son’s plate at dinner, for him to try.  He is our biggest consumer of Passover bagels, so if he likes them, I’ll make more.

He saw the inexplicable brown thing on his plate, was suspicious, and said, “What is this?” 

My husband said, “It’s the Dead Sea bagel.”

Son:  “Do you mean it’s a dead Sea-bagel, or it’s a Dead Sea bagel?”

I said, “It’s a Red Sea bagel, actually.”

Son:  “Do you mean a Reed Sea bagel?”
(He references the assertion among Biblical scholars that the Bible misnames the sea the Israelites cross.  They contend that it is not the Red Sea, as labeled on today’s maps, but a sea of reeds.)

Me:  “It’s a cinnamon raisin Passover bagel.  I want to know if you like it.”

Youngest Daughter:  “Why don’t I get to try some?”

Me:  “You told me you didn’t want any because it has raisins in it.”

YD:  “Well, if he gets to try a piece, then I get to try a piece too.”

Me:  “Okay.  Son, give your sister a piece.”

They tried this delectable baked good.   “Do you like it?” I asked.

YD:  For a Passover bagel, it’s not too bad.

Son:  It’s okay.

Me:  I guess that’s a ringing endorsement, considering it’s a Passover food.  

I wonder if Moses, Aaron, and Miriam fought over their Passover bagels, and if they had the same lukewarm testimony about them.

The Four Questions.  Add the fifth question:
"Why don't I get to try some?"


Suburban Correspondent said...

I have never heard of
Passover bagels!

The Crislers said...

Well, they were still pre- wilderness wanderings with forty years' worth of manna, so I'm guessing yeah, they probably complained. Are Passover bagels different from regular bagels? Because I can't imagine cinnamon raisin bagels getting anything but high praise from me.

Common Household Mom said...

Passover bagels are definitely different from regular bagels. During Passover, leavening (yeast, baking powder, baking soda) is not allowed, and regular flour is not allowed. Passover bagels are made mostly of oil, water, potato starch, eggs, and matzo cake meal (finely ground Passover matzo). The only thing that makes them puff up are the eggs.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I KNEW that about the yeast. I feel so smart.
Almost as smart as your family.