Friday, March 7, 2014

Progress, Folks, Is Being Made

To Do List, Sunday March 2

Today I took down the greens garland that has been over the front door since December.  I loved its festive look, but its time had come. I put the Christmas cards away in the attic.

Yesterday, as I was taking my right arm out of the hospital gown sleeve, placing my left arm just so, and surrendering certain body parts to the Great Uncomfortable Yearly Squeeze (which ultra-ironically spells GUYS), the mammography technician told me that she had seen a robin just yesterday.  We rejoiced together.  I know no one who is not ready for spring.  But that’s too many negatives for such a hopeful thought.  I also rejoiced that I could check that routine medical test off my list.   Ladies, if you haven’t had yours yet, make your appointment today! 

On Wednesday we said this together: 
As we leave the sanctuary on this dark night, may we have enough light to carry on. As we enter into the season of Lent, may we have enough hope to do the hard things we need to do.  May we leave this evening ready to be refined by the power that leads inevitably to the glorious light of Easter morn. 
I love these words – they are not asking for big explosions or over-the-top epiphanies, but simply for enough light and enough hope.  There are some hard things to do in the Common Household these days, but they are made easier with enough spiritual light and actual light.

At the beginning of the week my to-do list seemed impossible.  (If you want interesting lists, go visit the Crislers.)  The happiest events of the week are not even on the list.  I walked at the mall with my friend and I got a haircut, both the highlight of my week.  But progress was made.  The car passed inspection.  The snow is melting.  Let us rejoice. 
Same to-do list, Friday March 7.  Background is the paper for
the invitations for a party we are throwing
for my aunt's 80th birthday.  Notice how I did not finish
the taxes yet.  Or do my physical therapy exercises.


jj said...

GUYS? I thought they were called "smash-o-grams"!

Suburban Correspondent said...

A handwritten to-do list - very retro!

Cassi Renee said...

Your photos do a great job of illustrating the problems with to-do lists. All those extra things that crop up and HAVE to get done, and that sucks up the time you might have devoted to the tasks that didn't get done.

I've found this particularly true of PT exercises. Their times is always getting sucked up by laundry and vacuuming.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A robin!
You and are are alike--I also use handwritten 'to do' lists. It's so satisfying to check stuff off.

kcinnova said...

My husband told me that when you see the first robin of spring, there will be 2 more snowstorms. We've now had both, so I am hoping he is right. (He also confessed to making that factoid up on-the-spot, so he's either a genius or a joker.)
I love my handwritten to-do lists as long as they don't get too long. I've been skipping the vacuuming and doing my PT exercises. (The GUYS is being held up by missing films.)

kcinnova said...

I love those words from your Ash Wednesday service. I went to a different church on Wednesday evening and regretted it. Intimate words are best.

The Crislers said...

I found this to be a very hopeful post, or maybe I just laughed pretty dang hard at the irony of GUYS. I also thrive on every day hand-written lists, but I don't make them until mid-morning so that I can write down the things I've already done and immediately cross them off. Cheating, perhaps, but intensely satisfying.