Friday, March 14, 2014

How to Celebrate the Day

How to Celebrate Pi Day in Three Easy Steps

1.  Make pie (see photos)

2.  Eat pie (not shown, because it hasn't happened yet.)

3.  Make pi jokes (not told here, to save your sanity)

We splurged and decided to make a blueberry pie.

Homemade crust.

This is only our second blueberry pie.
We are trying a different way to thicken the juices:
cornstarch and blueberry juice.

Ready for the pie innards.

Joy of Cooking has to write the recipe like a
college text book:  "At this point we should like to raise
the question of thickening for berries."

Innards in!

There is a faint outline of Pi


π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π


Cassi Renee said...

Beautiful :-) The Joy of Cooking is the cookbook I grew up with --my mom still has multiple versions.

I have Bittman's How To Cook Everything, and here's what he says about double-crust pies: "Double crust make sense when the pie is massive, or if you are trying to get as many calories as possible into your diet via the pie" :-) That has always made me chuckle, and it's from his pre-skinny/vegan/healthy days.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Your blueberry pie is impressive. You can pretend the berries are little decimal points. :)
Yippee Pi Day!

Jay said...

That looks delicious, it's making me peckish!

smalltownme said...

I was out of town for Pi day so I didn't get to make the usual pie. My son has 2 pie pans decorated with pi.

The Crislers said...

I always miss pi day, and never even know I have missed it until I read this blog! Clearly there aren't enough scientists, or mathematicians, or pie, for that matter, in my life.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Mmmm. That looks perfect.