Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lessons from Turkey Dinner #2

From Turkey Dinner #2, our actual Thanksgiving dinner, I learned:

Lessons with a pleasant surprise
- Roasted Brussels sprouts are easy (much easier than sautéed, especially when making large amounts) and can be made a day ahead! Scrumptious with caramelized onions on top.

55 Brussels sprouts, after roasting

- The pecan pie wins.  It was finished off first.  This is pleasant for those of us who prefer apple pie and pumpkin pie.

Clockwise from top left:  pumpkin, apple, mincemeat, apple.
The pecan pie was not reheated in the oven.



- The holiday dinner conversation is quite amusing and interesting, now that the children are turning into young adults.

- Teenagers can be enlisted to do the dinner dishes, especially if pie is withheld until after those dishes are washed.
Teens Doing Dishes

Lessons of a humbling nature
- Two cups of raw onions results in just ¾ cup of caramelized onions.  I had to make double.

- We are now apostates from the green bean casserole – those French fried onions from a can just don’t go with the post-heart attack menu.

- Taylor Swift puts her name on Diet Coke, for which the cans are slimmer and taller than ordinary-folk soda cans.

- For some people, getting around can be damned painful and difficult, but they do it anyway.  Good for them!
Hard to find a parking spot for all these walking implements.
My Mom uses hers for extra table space.

- cooking two Thanksgiving dinners and one Hanukkah dinner (with three different types of latkes) within the space of ten days is truly exhausting.

- I have my limits.  I can be provoked to yell at another adult at the top of my lungs, and to let the sun set on my anger.  But I am not allowed to discuss my mother-in-law on this blog, so that is all I will say about that.  

How about you?  Were there any lessons to be learned from your Thanksgiving dinner?


Angie said...

We tried a lemon chess pie this year for something new. Delicious! It's in the Betty Crocker red plaid classic.

Alison said...

No lessons, except I think it's good for me to read your blog. It makes me laugh, and I always admire how you manage to turn a phrase, even when you don't write one, but just show a picture!

More blog posts, please!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Holy PIES! That looks like a delicious meal. And what's a family holiday without a little healthy yelling?

Cassi Renee said...

Oh those Brussels sprouts look heavenly!

Three dinners and a difficult MIL? Saintly. I bet Santa is making lots of positive marks on his list :-)

The Crislers said...

Two things I loved about this post and one confession:
The pi pan.
That one of your labels was "anger." (I don't know why that tickled me so much, but it did.)
I have never tried brussels sprouts. Someday I will. Probably.

smalltownme said...

Oh, your pies are spectacular. We have that pi pan too!