Saturday, June 15, 2013

Found Things

In the past few days, I've found some unexpected things around the Common Household.

I found the missing textbook, under a pile of my son's school papers.  I suspect this book had not been used all year.  Youngest Daughter is grateful to get her $100 back.  I am grateful too, but can't help but think that I should have charged her a finder's fee.
$100 worth of text.

Later that afternoon, I found the lucky girl asleep on the sofa.  Oy, it's so exhausting getting up at 9  a.m. during summer vacation!

Exhausted teen.

Here is evidence that a great and wonderful thing is occurring: repair of our leaky ceiling.  When you are fixing the bathroom floor, where else are you going to put the toilet?
Bathtub: an excellent storage place for large items.

We spotted this loose dead branch in our big oak tree some time ago.  It came down early Thursday morning during the thunderstorm which did not, thankfully, turn into a derecho.  I'm just grateful the branch didn't hit anybody.
Whew.  Nobody hurt.

Today, while weed-whacking, I glanced into our abandoned strawberry patch / chipmunk gated retirement community.  I saw these delights.  They are small and seedy, but quite sweet and tasty.  A great find!
More dessert for attack rabbits and vicious chipmunks.

Some of the strawberry harvest.


Angie said...

Nothing better than finding wild strawberries! That can make your day!

Roy said...

Toilet in a tub wonder if thats how they came up with a bidet.

The Crislers said...

Fresh strawberries are the best! And, um... what's a "derecho"?

Suburban Correspondent said...

We, too, were glad we did not have a derecho replay. Last year, things got sort of ugly around here.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

A strawberry surprise!
And are you as unbelievably proud as I am when you find something that's been missing for a long time? It's one of the best moments, I tell ya.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Fresh warm strawberries from the garden! Yum.

When touring a ship in the Baltimore harbor, we noticed that the captain's quarters included a combination tub and toilet. Perhaps you want to decorate in a nautical theme?

My teen couldn't find a book in plain sight on his shelf. You definitely deserve a finder's fee!