Friday, July 20, 2012

Suburban Animal Homes

Several days ago, one of the children discovered that there is a mole living near the air conditioning unit.  We have had a slow leak in our unit, and wonder if we have found the culprit.   We adults are all about protecting our suburban lifestyle, but the girls are smitten.

Last night at dinner, Oldest Daughter said, “I saw the mole today.  It was so cute and fuzzy!” 

Me:  Hmphh.

Husband:  I think that mole has been tapping into our air conditioning.  It’s a good summer to get free air conditioning.

Me:  And probably the chipmunks are stealing AC from the mole. 

Oldest Daughter:  It has a name, you know.

Me:  You mean the mole?  Did you name it Genevieve?
(When she was about 8 years old, O.D. found a toad in the yard, named it Genevieve and constructed a habitat for it, although the habitat was more suitable as a mosquito larva party school.) 

OD: No.  (smiling sweetly) It’s name is ‘Peaches.’

Youngest Daughter:  Oh, how cute!  Little cuddly Peaches!

Me:  The mole in Thumbelina was evil and nasty, you know.

YD:  No, he wasn’t.  He was just lonely and misunderstood.

Son: (rolls eyes)

The chipmunks have set up a gated community in our erstwhile strawberry garden.  In a kind gesture, I cleaned it out for them in May, but I have yet to receive a thank you note.  The chipmunks keep very busy running the vast empire of tunnels they have under our yard.  And now we find out that their summer project has been to upgrade to air-conditioned units.

Chipmunk gated community, before urban renewal

After I cleaned it out, leaving the strawberry plants

Chipmunk dessert!

Chipmunk entrance to to the gated community
So far I haven’t seen this mole, and for that and much else, I am thankful.  


Angie said...

Something in our yard has been taking big bites out of the figs and tomatoes. But as far as I know, we have neither chipmunks nor moles. I have no idea what it is.

Common Household Mom said...

Deer? Neighbors?

Cassi Renee said...

Neighbors --he he! Something has been taking bites out of our tomatoes too, but I did snatch two Purple Cherokee before they had been bitten. I sure hope it's not the neighbors!

I think we have chipmunk suburban sprawl. They keep digging tunnels and coming up between the flagstones on our back patio --I think Rob is about ready to fire bomb them. And, in a positive correlation, we haven't managed to snitch a single strawberry from our bed, even though they've been blooming all summer!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

"mosquito larva party school"--that's why I love your posts--too dang witty, girlfriend!
I find a dead mole at least twice a week in our pool skimmer basket. They're nasty looking--those fingers on their noses. Ick.