Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Followed by a visit from the Snow Fairy

The kids got their wish.  The sound of snowplows at 5:30 a.m. usually means at least a two-hour delay.  Snowplows again at 7:00 a.m. usually mean school gonna be closed.

When Youngest Daughter saw this note taped to the front door,
High tech school notification system.

she wanted to know why she had to get up out of bed to find out that school was closed.  (Her theme, of late is "Blame The Parents.")

BSF (Before Snow Fairy)

The Snow Fairy needs to report that this was the heaviest snow ever.

 Despite the fact that school was closed, the Husband still had to go to work as usual.  So the Snow Fairy got to work trying to find the driveway.

There's a driveway under there somewhere.

There it is!

The Snow Fairy did not work alone this time.
Here is her able assistant, Mr Snow Shovelin' Man.

I still stand by my claim in yesterday's post:  Spring is coming!
Kwanzan cherry buds
After about 9 a.m., it was a beautiful sunny day.  


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I never wake my kids up to tell them there's no school either. It just seems MEAN.
Nice work on that driveway.

Angie said...

Beautiful photos! But I don't miss it a bit.

Suburban Correspondent said...

That was supposed to be our snow. Give it back!

The Crislers said...

I'm glad your able assistant has healed from that... was it a leg injury? That's a big driveway to shovel by yourself!

Common Household Mom said...

@Sub Cor - I wish I had a big truck to deliver some snow to you! Alas, it nearly all melted today.

@K Crislers - yes, The Husband's leg is fully healed. It seems that shoveling snow is less treacherous than raking leaves.