Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prayer trickery and divine intervention

When we sat down this evening to dinner, I prayed, “Thank you, Lord, for helping my vertigo to go away enough so that I could cook the Passover food.  Thank you for this family, and for this food to nourish this family, and….”  Then, being at a loss for words, I said to the kids, “Anything else?” giving them an opportunity to address their petitions to the Almighty.

Son said, “Umm….Can I have the car tomorrow?”

I paused, trying to figure out if my son is asking me or the Almighty for the car keys.  I said, “Wait a minute!  That’s a trick!  If I say, ‘Amen,’ then that means ‘So be it’ and I’ll have to give you the car!”   I finished up with God by saying, “That’s it for now, Lord” because ‘Amen’ is too risky.

And to my son, “No, you may NOT have the car tomorrow.”

My son shot back with, “But if you have vertigo, you shouldn’t be driving.”

Despite the fact that I drove to church this morning while still suffering the lingering effects of vertigo, my son is right.  Last Friday at 6:30 a.m., when I was supposed to take him to school for a special study session, the vertigo was so bad that I could hardly get out of bed, and in desperation I let him drive himself to school.  It’s amazing how quickly these teenagers get used to having the car.

Tonight I said,  “I don’t have vertigo any more.  If I have vertigo tomorrow, I’ll let you know tomorrow.”   I might like to pretend I have vertigo, because tomorrow is another special study session which requires him to be at school early.

It is great to be over the vertigo, and able to cook the Passover food.  God had an even more miraculous blessing for me today:  Youngest Daughter helped me do the cooking cheerfully and without complaining.  Definitely divine intervention.

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Becky said...

"That's all for now, Lord"?!?

LOLOL, I love it.

So glad for you that you were able to cook dinner AND that you have such helpful children in your house!