Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Upon My Return

I was gone on my business trip for 2.5 days.  I’ve been back for a week now, but I’m still having a hard time getting back to any routine.

My husband related that while I was gone, Youngest Daughter actually missed me, for certain reasons.  By dinner on Wednesday, she was asking, “When is Mommy coming back?  I want some salad.” 

Ha!  Victory in the battle to bring fiber to the next generation! 

My husband said, “Why do you want salad?” 

YD:  “I want to eat something crunchy. 

Husband:  “What do you think the Doritos are for?  Put some of those in your sandwich.” 

* * * * *

Here are some of the  inexplicable things I discovered around the house, the day after my return.

Lettuce that got left out all night.  It COULD have been salad,
but it became inedible.  I don't like to clean up, but it seems I
have a talent for putting the food away.  None of my children
seem to have inherited that talent.

The neighbor's mail that we were collecting while they
were away.  It was supposed to be returned to them the day I left,
not the day after I returned.  Oh, well.

A stack of Youngest Daughter's math papers,
under the dining room table.
A defeated turkey pillow.

I brought this losing lottery ticket back with me.


Suburban Correspondent said...

Doritos! Leave it to Dad...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ha! Doritos! That's classic.
My MIL has the same pillow.

Cassi Renee said...

I can always count on my husband to put food away --he's Scottish, and you don't waste pennies or food! Even when it's inedible.

When my mom was away (this probably only happened like 2 times when I was a kid) my dad would feed us stuff from his southern childhood, like canned creamed beef and stuff. It was awful.

The Crislers said...

It's amazing how a simple word can really change your perspective. When I first saw the turkey photo, my thought was, "Aw, the turkey's taking a well-deserved nap." But after reading your caption, I felt so sorry for it- it suddenly looked completely and totally defeated.