Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift from a Teenager

I received this as a Hanukah gift from Youngest Daughter.

Thirty minutes of being able to command the teenager's time and attention!  I received this gift on Dec 9th, but just like a department store coupon, it was not immediately valid.  Now that it's after Dec 15th, I'm wondering where I put this coupon.  Tomorrow might be a snow day - I might really need it.

Today probably would not have been a good time to redeem my coupon.  The middle school had a bomb scare.  YD came home and said cheerfully, "Today I got evacuated!"  

Son replied, "Did they empty all the air out of you?"  

YD said, "No, we all had to leave the school."  The school staff did take the entire middle school student body to the high school.  They had to spend the rest of the day in the auditorium.  I thought this sounded horrible - I was imagining a noisy, unruly crowd of kids, full of eye-rolling and sarcasm, to add to everyone's anxiety.  But YD said the kids all had to stay silent the entire time.  An auditorium full of teenagers forced to be silent for 2 hours - that also sounds difficult.

Her 8th grade English class is studying the Holocaust.  She's studied this topic before, at Hebrew school, but somehow there are never adequate answers for her constant 'why' about this topic.

She doesn't know that the greatest gift she gave me today was her arrival home from school safe and sound, and her concern for the human race.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That IS a good gift--to discover your child has a sympathetic, thoughtful and philanthropic heart.

The answer to the evacuation made me chuckle.

Cassi Renee said...

I can not imagine an auditorium full of teens being silent for 2 hours. Completely impossible.

There is way too much of this hoax behavior going on. We had the same thing happen at our local high school.

I'm very glad it was just a hoax, and your daughter came home, safe and sound.