Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinner Conversation

I bring you snippets of tonight's dinner conversation in the Common Household, before I move on to the evening's event.

Youngest Daughter decided to help herself to a bit of the contents of the extra bowl of icing by dipping her fork handle into the icing.

Son:  YD, you’re not supposed to use that end of the fork for the food.  That end is for holding the fork!

Me, secretly pleased that Son shows signs of recognizing uncivilized dinner behavior, but despairing about YD’s dinner behavior, speaking to my husband: When do you and I get to go out to dinner alone to a nice, fancy restaurant?

Husband:  Any time you want!

Son:  Hey.  If you’re going out to a restaurant alone, then I’m coming with you.

* * * * *

Son:  Dad, I have a math question for you.  How many cars does it take to drive two people to Collegetown?

Husband, suspicious:  Is this a trick question?  It depends on whether the two people are leaving at the same time from the same location... wait a minute.  Cars don’t drive.  People drive cars.

Me:  What he really means is, if the two people might not be returning from Collegetown at the same time...

Husband:  He didn’t say that!  There was no mention of returning.

Son:  What I really mean is, will there be a car for me to use on Friday evening so I can go to somebody’s Eagle Scout project, or are you taking both cars to Collegetown?

* * * * *

Husband:  Grandma’s got squirrels in her attic.

Son:  She must be going nuts.

YD:  Ummm, I think Grandma is already nuts.

Son:  The squirrels must know that.

* * * * *

Son, eagerly:  Who wants to study physics tonight?!

So, we are off to the living room to study physics.  It's a review for the AP test.  Gulp.


Angie said...

Andrew has upcoming AP tests in American history and English. Sadly, he's not studying.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The squirrels are what really cracked me up!
Your dinner convos are the best.