Monday, April 23, 2012

On the Table

The Call to Worship we read at church yesterday seemed custom-written for me. 

Come, sisters and brothers, gather together.
From all the bruises of a busy week, gather.
Plunge your sorrow and worry into the fountain of life.
Here, find comfort and hope.
Place your dreams and concerns on the table of blessing.
Here, find courage and renewal.
Give your questions and doubts to the heart of God.
Here, find a peace that lightens the load and restores the faith.
Come, all of you in this place,
Become a family of love, a community of song, a people of prayer.

I spent three days at the Old Folks Home last week, taking the opportunity while my son was away at All-State Orchestra (parental brag!  Sorry!  Couldn’t help myself!).  I tell you, the Old Folks are in various states of physical or mental disrepair.  They would be worse off if they weren’t at the Home, so I’m grateful that they are able to live there.

I also used those three days as a vacation from nagging my Youngest Daughter.  I did not ask if she did her homework, did not find out if she got up on time, did not remind her to do her practicing and (this is the hardest one for me) did not quiz her about whether she brushed her teeth.  We both survived.  (The jury is still out on whether this vacation from nagging was good for her teeth.)

That’s all I got right now.  Just placing my dreams and concerns on that table of blessing.  I wish for all of you comfort and hope, courage and renewal, and peace.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How lovely for your son to be a STAR like that!
That call to worship is a good reminder that we're all in the same boat as humans--suffering in our various ways...

Cassi Renee said...

That is a really lovely call to worship.

Sometimes I dream about taking a permanent vacation from nagging Emma, and just letting her deal with the fall-out, such as the dentist, later. But somewhere inside me there is this nagging voice urging me on to nagging. It's probably my mom's voice.