Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Dinner - A Good Square Meal

Happy Easter!

I went to the sunrise service at my church yesterday. It's been a long time since I was able to do this.  It was a gift from God.  The weather was chilly but sunny, and warmth was added by cheerful friends, great music, and the promise of new life that Easter holds.  It's not often we get to hold a worship service outside, and not often we are together at that time of the day.  Thank you, worship leaders and musicians!

The apartment building opposite the church patio, complete with sun rising over the trees.
And then after the service - breakfast!  Thanks to some marvelously industrious folks who got up a lot earlier than I did, we had egg-sausage casserole, fruit compote, ham, and muffins. Plus the theologically-required coffee and tea.  Thank you, cooks!  I enjoyed it immensely.

In fact, it's been practically non-stop eating since Friday.  Saturday evening we went to a second Passover seder at a friend's house.  Yum! Sunday night for our Easter Dinner it was a big change from last year.  No Passover Ham this time.  Instead we had leftover beef brisket from Friday and some newly cooked food.  Looking at the dinner, I discovered an interesting geometric theme.  

Potato kugel
Apple Matzo kugel


Apple Matzo Kugel squares

Potato kugel squares

Passover Lemon Squares

The Easter Dinner table.  Much less fancy than the past two nights!
And now I won't be cooking anything, no matter what shape it is, for several days.


Angie said...

Wow, it all looks delicious! Albeit, a little square.

Bijoux said...

Haha....yes, a very square meal. I'm always surprised when I look at a dinner I put on the table and everything is the same color....