Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Which I Attempt to Make Politics Poetical

Having become suddenly politically awakened by a looming school budget deficit, I attended three school board meetings in the past month. I feel the need to express my thoughts on the experience.  Since I can’t filibuster or blow anything up, you are stuck with this.  It's long and terrible, but not as long or as terrible as a school board meeting.

School Board Meeting Haikus

Revenues are down,
State pension underfunded.
School kids pay the price.

State legislators
Require school budgets on time
But not their own.  Huh?!

Anxious students ask
“Will you let this be the day
The music died here?”

Elderly worry –
Fixed income does not allow
For a tax increase.

Impassioned parents
Plead for kids in Special Ed
Who need classroom aides.

One speaker insults
Students and School Board Members.
He follows Ayn Rand.

Tea Party speaker
Makes more sense than the Ayn Rand
Enthusiast does.

Parents, students beg
To keep the gifted program:
“We need the challenge!”

“Limit government,”
Says one man, “We can’t afford
High quality schools.”

School Board members are
Not paid a dime for this, but
They are listening.

Teachers and the staff
Agree to freeze their wage and
Pay more for health care.

Back home, my husband
Thinks that all these words and pleas
Are to no avail.

Proposed as final,
But still to be revised yet,
The budget still lurks.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Politics make me want to punch someone lately.

Common Household Mom said...

Me too.