Friday, March 18, 2011

Glory Be and Hallelujah!

Since my Youngest Daughter was small, she and I have gone outside sometime in March for the purpose of looking for Signs of Spring.  We’re a little later than usual this year.  Our last snow was a week ago. It was a heavy wet snow that melted quickly.  My bus-stop neighbor and I prognosticate that we will have one more snow before spring starts in earnest.  But today it was a glorious, sunny 72 degrees.  Aaaah.   

We saw these signs of spring today.  Oh, joy!  Oh, rapture!  My daughter is now 11 years old, but she seemed as excited as ever to find them with me.  I hope I never tire of looking for such signs of hope.  The world sure does need some signs of hope.

What signs of spring or hope have you seen lately?

Crocuses by the corner rock. 

Time to pump up the tires.

Forsythia buds 

The tree huggers come out in spring, too.

Lilac buds

Crocuses on the hillside

Spring-time physics.


Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Here in Louisiana, it's the azaleas that are currently stealing the spotlight. Beautiful!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Aw, those are great photos of springtime! The snow is melting here, crocuses are poking out of the ground and baseball practice starts today in the mud.