Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Taking it One Day at a Time

I am recommending to myself that I take things one day at a time. Otherwise I will fall apart just anticipating future events.

Today uncannily marks the following future events:

     1 day until the beginning of the school year
     1 week until the beginning of September
     2 weeks until the beginning of the Jewish New Year

     1 month until my Dad’s 82nd birthday
     3 months until Thanksgiving
     4 months until Christmas

     51 weeks until my 50th birthday
     1 year (approximately) until we send Oldest Daughter off to college
     2 years (exactly) until Youngest Daughter’s bat mitzvah

How on earth will I be prepared for those things?  I’d better go figure out what to have for dinner.  Tonight.  In 1 hour.

1 comment:

Mariah Reed said...

Well, I can help with the turning 50 thingie. Throw a party. I do, once every 10 years. I'll be turning six soon . . .