Saturday, August 21, 2010

Signs Around the House

Are we the only family which posts signs around the house?  How effective are signs as a method of communication?

Here are some signs which members of the family have posted around the house:

Posted by the Common Household Son:
"The blueberry bagel is MINE!!! No one else can eat it!

Posted by Oldest Daughter, on her bedroom door:
"Beware of Evil Sister," accompanied by drawings of girls in happy and harmless athletic activities.

Posted by Me, on various days during the winter.  I put the sign up on the bathroom mirror, and then the kids can see it when they get up, and then they'll know they can go back to bed.  For some reason, my son likes to save these.  Note my futile attempt to ask for help shoveling the driveway on Feb 10.  On that day, it had been snowing for 2 days straight.  Or maybe three. I have pushed it out of my mind. 
"Friday Jan 8 School closed!" (written when a school closing was all new and fresh to us. Notice how the signs after that do not have any exclamation point.)
"2 hour delay today Jan 28"
"No school today Wed. Feb 10 - Get up and shovel the driveway"
"2 hour delay today Feb 26"
etc etc etc

Posted by Youngest Daughter, on her bedroom door:
"Wand Shop!
Get your wands  made, cleaned and fixed here!
You also can get wands here!  So come!
Time:  4 pm - 8 pm Mon-Fri
8 am - 5 pm Sat-Sun
Payment: In this shop, pay with crayons and markers"

There are more, but I will post them at a later date.  


Mariah Reed said...

looking forward to seeing more signs . . . from your home or neighborhood . . . whatever! I especially like the one from the common household son about the blueberry thingie . . . and how there are no more exclamation points after that first horrific snowfall . . .

Mariah Reed said...

that reminds me . . . bob made a blueberry crumb cake . . . just a couple of days ago . . . man, it is history! and, yes, we also post notes around our house. one from bob: C E R E A L C O N T A I N E R?!?!