Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pass the Anti-Aging Cream, Please

“Inside, we still feel the same as we did when we were 25 years old,” we explained to the 17-year-old.  The rest of the group were all past the age of 35.  “But we feel as if our bodies are betraying us every day.”

When I received the latest National Geographic, with this cover, I really felt I could relate to this woman.

I have a pretty easy life, but I still feel that my body is deteriorating with time.  Doesn’t this woman just look tired, as if she didn’t sleep well, but got up early to take the kids somewhere, worked at her part-time job a few hours, picked up kids, did some weed-whacking, put in a load of laundry, and just when she got a chance to sit down for a few minutes, she realized she had to think of something to make for dinner, and then make it? That sad look in her eyes is because she knows that after dinner she has to sew badges onto three Scout uniforms.

I showed the magazine cover to my son, who said, “She probably tries to tell everybody she’s 29 years old.” 

Later this summer I will turn 49 years old, which is pretty cool because it is a square number, and appropriate because my shape is getting more square every day.  I truly have a wonderful life with a fantastic family and super friends, but dang it, today I’m tired.  Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep, and feeling 29 again tomorrow morning.

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