Thursday, March 18, 2010

Major Milestone

Earlier today I sent Oldest Daughter off in our car, by herself.  Driving solo to her music lesson.  It was her first trip out after getting her driver’s license.

Trying not to worry, I remarked to my son, “I hope she comes back!”
He said, “She’s probably half-way across the state by now.”
I said, “There’s not that much gas in the car.”
He replied, “Then she has probably run out of gas half-way across the state.”

Sigh.  That was not helpful.

But no, she came back about an hour later.  She did not crash the car, did not run out of gas, and did not have to parallel park the car.  Bravo!

In celebration, I made Scallops Linguine AND Macaroni and Cheese The Shell Kind Not The Elbow Kind.


And return.  Amazing!

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Angie Kay Dilmore said...

This is scary to me. My boys are old enough, but don't yet have their permits.