Friday, March 20, 2009

Almost Ready

The kippahs are bought, the worship booklet is printed, and he has learned his Torah portion.

The furniture is arranged, the food is ordered, and the house is clean (well, as clean as it will ever be.)

The driving directions have been sent, the gift bags for the out-of-town guests have been delivered, and the guests have begun to arrive.

Almost ready for a Common Household Bar Mitzvah!

I just have to write my little speech. It has to be a speech that is brief, won't make me cry, thanks the people in the congregation for being there, and lets my son know how much I love him. An impossible speech to write.

1 comment:

Maria Sondule said...

Austin, I love you sooo much!
Thanks to everyone for coming, we really appreciate it!
And now excuse me while I run to my tissue resovior before tears start streaming down my cheeks.