Thursday, June 29, 2017


My favorite tree is the redbud tree outside the main building at the Old Folks' Home where my mom and my aunt live.  

This is what the tree looked like in April.  Please click on the photos to embiggen.

Who could not love a tree that has all those flowers hugging the branches, and then bursts forth in heart-shaped leaves?  

And then there are these instances of a sort of pink:

"Vibrations" by Maxwell G Miller
displayed at the Negative Space Art Studio

painting by Patrick Haggerty
displayed at the Negative Space Art Studio

Lately I sometimes feel like the guy in the first painting.  But sometimes I feel more serene, like the second painting, which was inspired by Italian cathedrals.

This post was inspired by Carmi at Written Inc, who asked all y'all out in blogland to post photos on the theme of pink.


smalltownme said...


Michèle Dextras said...

I always love flowers and I like the painting by Patrick Haggerty!. The last photo with the round pink bowl is called a "slo-bowl". Our dog Max used to gulp his food in about 20 seconds and then throw up. So the vet suggested this type of bowl and now it takes him about 4 minutes to eat his food. What people think of to solve problems!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's a cheerful tree. I'm notnormally a fan of pink, most flowers tend to be that color, but when it's surprising like that tree then I like it.

Alexia said...

I love the redbud tree (here it is called a 'forest pansy'. I have a small one which I hope will be established enough to flower in the spring.

photodoug said...

Carolyn, attractive blossoms. Plus I enjoyed viewing Patrick Haggerty’s take on cathedrals. Thanks for sharing.