Friday, March 31, 2017

Let Us Eat Cake

Cake served to Presbyterians
 Jan 5, 2017 dinner conversation
Husband:  I take it you didn’t make any cake.

Me:  No, I told you I wasn’t going to make cake.  Until tomorrow.

Son:  You’re making a cake tomorrow?!

Me:  The main part I want to get across is that I wasn’t going to make a cake.
But if I did make a cake, what kind of cake would you want?

Husband:    Large.

Younger Daughter:  What kind of candy do you want on it?

Husband:   None.

Son:    Do you want a moist cake?

Husband:    Yes.

Son (looking up a recipe):  Dad, what do you think of this “All You Can Eat Cake”?

Husband:    Is it all I can eat?

* * * * * *
Cake that looks like a hamburger

Feb 2, 2017 dinner conversation
Me:  Tomorrow I’m talking to a friend.  One of the topics is, what issues are we passionate about.

Husband:  I am passionate about chocolate cake.  I want to know if the other side approves or disapproves of chocolate cake.  … We all have our issues.

Younger Daughter:  Not everybody shares your views.

Husband:  I don’t want to share my cake.

(This was followed by a long dispute between Husband and Younger Daughter about whether the chocolate cake should have a layer of custard in it.)

* * * * * *

Gigi's cupcake
(but not the one mentioned below).
In my opinion the cupcake pictured here has
just way too much icing.  But the gluten-free
cupcakes are to die for.  So is the price.
Meaning you will have a heart attack when you
see how much these cupcakes cost.
Feb 26, 2017 dessert conversation
We were enjoying a special treat – dark chocolate gluten-free cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes.  These are cupcakes which, when heated in the microwave for about 10 seconds, greatly resemble chocolate lava cake.

Husband, pleading:  For Purim, could you make chocolate lava cakes instead of hamentaschen?

Me:  What do lava cakes have to do with Purim?  Tell us what the ancient sages said about lava cakes.

Husband:  Chocolate lava cakes remind us that Esther’s accusations against Haman rose up and SPEWED out, spreading across Persia, changing the landscape for all Jews over the millennia.

Younger Daughter: Since the beginning of Jewish history, there has been cake.

Me, to Husband:  Well, since your mother started cooking, there has been cake.  And that’s practically since the beginning of Jewish history.

(The conversation then included a discussion of the similarities between elephants and cupcakes.  “You like elephants, don’t you?  And you like cupcakes?”)

Cake served to Jews
(It should say L'Shana Tova)
* * * * * *

I STILL have not made a cake.  This does not mean that Husband did not get to eat cake, although he might tell you otherwise. 

And now it is almost Passover.  Those Ancient Sages have decreed that I should make a cake without using any leavening.  But what kind of cake should I make?  Nine-egg sponge cake, ten-egg sponge cake, or twelve-egg sponge cake?

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