Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Temper Tantrum

There should be a place where a person who usually doesn’t cuss can go and pour invectives out like rain, and the anger and cussiness can get sucked into a vacuum tube and sent to outer space, never to be seen again, except perhaps in a galaxy far, far away.  Some people think that place does exist, and it is called the internet, but nothing ever disappears on the internet.

Today I seem to need that place, but can’t bring myself to actually write or say the stream of angry words in my head.  So I went for a walk, and cried, and said all the pissy words to the sky, and refused to talk to the person who is irking me. Inside I feel rather Kylo Rennish.

I am very glad that Santa gave me a small bottle of Moscato (187 ml, so too big to take on a plane – do you think they designed them on purpose that way?), and very glad that I don’t have to travel again until mid-January, and very glad that we are back home and away from the place of absurdity that engendered my Kylo Rennishness, and very glad that my husband gave me Seasons 4 and 5 of Downton Abbey, which I have never seen before, and which I am now going to go watch, with a glass of Moscato.  I’m already feeling better, just thinking about seeing that castle and all those elegant costumes.

Kylo Rennishness should be a word.  Yes, we saw the movie.  I thought it was okay.  I kept wondering if Daisy Ridley is related to Keira Knightley.   And wondering why there is always a platform without a railing, built over a chasm.  Haven’t they learned anything about architectural safety in that galaxy?


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I haven't seen the movie and therefore cannot google Kylo Rennishness (or any version of that term, which is pretty awesome, I'm sure of it) ...BUT... I'm sorry that life is showing its suckitude in your corner of the universe. Most of the time I appreciate being far from extended family craziness. Enjoy the Moscato (I love Moscato!) and your shows. If you need more wine, I've got a stash at my place.

Cassi said...

I think a blog is a fairly good place for a temper tantrum, even if you can't quite get yourself to write down the words. I too am glad you have now left the place that put you in such a mood. Here's hoping the wine and Downton Abbey will allow you to relax and forget :-)

The Crislers said...

I, too, enjoy a good Moscato. Maybe you need to enjoy a glass or three of it while pouring forth those invectives to people who merely nod and occasionally chime in with, "Hear, hear!" while sipping from their own glass? Feel free to use a mental picture of me doing so and get it all out, just make sure not to get caught, because then you're just a crazy lady ranting to herself. Not that *I* have ever done that, of course.

Our feelings on the newest Star Wars seem to be disturbingly similar. I also thought it was just okay, I wondered if she was related to Keira Knightley, and as soon as I saw that dang rail-less platform I knew what was coming. Now, did you or did you not think the new masked villain looked like that one male figure skater? (I tried not to make this comment too spoiler-laden for any who haven't seen the movie yet!)

Overall, though, I'm sorry you're having a tough time. That just sucks.

Susan Jones said...

Hello, Dear Carolyn.

I'm sorry the holidays (and/or life) have been tough on you. You complain so little, that I think you must be completely justified in feeling the way you do. I hope your methods of coping are up to the job.

I have seen Season 4 of Downton Abbey, and I have Season 5 but have not seen it yet. I keep waiting for the "right time" to watch it. So don't tell me what happens.

I have not seen The Star Wars, and I may not. I haven't seen all of them, and I can't keep track of it all, and besides, until I see Trumbo I probably won't see anything else. I did see the "new" James Bond, and liked it very much. Totally recommend it. Great escape-watching.

Regards to Bob and the kids, and hope your New Year is an improvement. Take care of yourself, and give a yell if you ever need to vent to a person instead of to the sky.

Happy Festive Season,

Patience_Crabstick said...

Oh, I am sorry you had an unhappy, rage-inducing experience! You're absolutely right that we all need a protected venting space once in a while.

Nina said...

Holidays and their associated gatherings can definitely give one a need to vent. Go ahead. You deserve it.

Nina said...

Holidays and their associated gatherings can definitely give one a need to vent. Go ahead. You deserve it.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm glad you have wine and a good DVD to burn through and soothe yourself. Sometimes you need to have that Clark-Griswold-temper-tantrum and release it all.
Thank you for the link to that hilarious twitter feed, BTW. I laughed and loved it and even when you're pissed off, you are pretty darn funny.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Wait, what? Did I miss a good twitter feed? Please message me!

Common Household Mom said...

I didn't link to a twitter feed, at least not consciously. I don't even know how to twit. But I will be tracking down Green Girl to find out what she's referring to, because I don't want to miss it either!

Common Household Mom said...

Here's Green Girl's link to Emo Kylo Ren's twitter feed: