Sunday, February 15, 2015

Liquid Dinner and Dessert

Tonight it was just Younger Daughter and I at dinner.  We finished off our leftover Valentine’s Day shrimp bisque soup (it’s pink!).  Then I asked her, “Would you like some tea?  Or hot chocolate?”

Younger Daughter enthused, “Oooh!  I would like some of that hot chocolate you made the other day!”

While she did the dishes (yes!) I went to find the recipe.  I measured, stirred, nuked, stirred, and served.

YD:  “If I ever have children I am going to give them this hot chocolate.”

Me:  “Yes, this hot chocolate alone could be a good reason to have children.”

I have The Crislers to thank for this wonderful recipe, except their version makes enough for a whole army of pink-cheeked post-sledding youngsters. If I have that much hot chocolate mix sitting around the house, I will have hot chocolate at every meal and even in-between and will eventually get swept away in a river of hot chocolate.  (Considering how cold it is, that might not be a bad thing.)

I entered the recipe into a spreadsheet to calculate the amounts needed for a single serving.  Curse you, you cumbersome English system of measurements! The amounts I came up with do not add up to 2 Tablespoons of substance, but my recipe is only 3 WW Points Plus, and it tasted very good to me, so I’m sticking with it.

Kristy did say the recipe originally belongs to Martha Stewart, but The Martha’s web site does not have photos of post-sledding youngsters.  Still, I feel that if I ever get to have grandchildren, I will owe a debt of gratitude to both The Crislers and The Martha.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix for One

Put into a large mug:
2 tsp sugar (white, granulated)
1.5 tsp cocoa (I used dark cocoa)
dash salt

Stir in 1 cup skim milk.  Heat in the microwave for 1 min 30 seconds.  Stir thoroughly. Taste to see if it is hot enough.  If needed, microwave for an additional 10 to 20 seconds.


Angie said...

What, no marshmallows!

Cassi said...

Somehow, this wasn't what I was thinking when I read your title. Liquid dinner should mean some good alcohol. And dessert should never be made with skim milk :-) I'm thinking a liquid dinner might work well for me today --it's been a LONG day.

The Crislers said...

Never before have I wanted to have hot chocolate so often as I do now, when that giant jar is whispering sweet nothings from the pantry. Get thee behind me, devil jar!

From now on, I'm doing one serving at a time- which I can do, since you did all the maths!

smalltownme said...

We would always make hot chocolate with milk and hershey's syrup.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yeah, now I want some, too. Thanks for the recipe!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I would make this with whole milk, because that is the only kind of milk in my house these days. (Not counting the almond milk in my fridge for use with the morning oatmeal.)

I might have to mix some of this up and give as gifts. YUM!