Thursday, September 4, 2014

Do I really have to say this?

Signs posted in the Common Household in the past few months

Shoe Management Dept.

Dear Children,
Please take all your shoes to your bedroom
 and keep them there until further notice.
The Management

This concerns the sight which greets people at our front door - an unsightly pile of shoes.  Even after the children claimed they had complied with this request, there still were shoes left behind which did not belong to me or my husband.

Parents Going Away Dept.

To Do Daily
While We are away
- bring in newspaper
- feed fish
- do dishes
- throw away your trash

To Do as needed
- mow lawn

- put out trash bins on Tues night.

The above was for the two older children, while the rest of us went to NYC.  It astonishes me that I have to tell them explicitly to do their dishes and throw out their own trash.  I mean, legally they are adults.  But I suppose I was the same way at their age.

To do while we are away
- feed fish
- do the dishes
- eat leftovers
- clean table and floor in kitchen and DR
- bring in newspaper and mail
- go to band camp
- do not let flies in the house
- for God's sake, weed whacking

and added by my husband:
- trim bushes
- do weed whacking
- clean gutters
- feed Sister
- return yours and Sister's library books to the library (Library Name)

The above verbiage was for our recent trip in which we left our son at home in charge of Younger Daughter while we took Older Daughter to college and then attended to an elderly relative.  Son had many duties, the main one being transporting YD to and from band camp.  The idea that our unemployed son would do yard work was just a pipe dream.  But then, I found no complaints in the comment section when we returned.  They probably never read the list.

If You Eat This, I'll Throttle You Dept

This is for Marching Band!
If you drink this, and you are
not in Marching Band, you will
incur the wrath of the Band Director
AND Mom.  Double whammy.

This was an effective message.  The Pepsi was intact on the day it was supposed to be delivered.  And then I forgot to deliver it.  In my defense, there were extenuating circumstances.  

Do you post signs around your home?  Does anybody read them?


Alison said...

Yes, I am a firm believer in the nag-by-note system.

My last signs (this week) were "SCOOP" (for middle kid to scoop the litter box, which he does when nagged, and conveniently forgets when left to his own devices) and "Leave toilet lid DOWN!!!" when the dog had to fast before a scheduled procedure (he was supposed to be knocked out so that they could get a good X-ray, but it turned out that he was very well-behaved, and let them examine his sore lip and even "posed' courteously for both X-Rays, so the fasting was all for nought).

Should it bother me that all my nag-by-notes are about toilets?

Minnesota Matron said...

Oh my God - laughed out loud at this. I leave notes everywhere but the messy shoes are the things that drive me crazy!! We have a huge pile blocking the entrance to the living room -- I mean, five pairs per person. It's ridiculous. My lament is: "If I have a terminal illness and putting shoes away is my last request, would anyone do it?" The answer is usually no!

The Crislers said...

This was hilarious.

The only word all three of my kids can read is "MOM," but that's the only word I need when I'm affixing notes to certain delicious foods in the fridge that are not to be touched by small fingers.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I used to post signs--a check list before leaving for soccer or baseball, a bedtime check list. Now I post to-do lists, just like you do!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

This is hilarious! I do not do signs, but I'm now thinking that I should!!! Also, it's funny what drives us crazy. I don't care about shoes left at the bottom of the stairs, but it drives my husband nuts. I can't stand clothes and mess on the floor in my teen daughter's room, but my husband and teen daughter don't mind at all. :-)

Angie said...

Hi CHM. I've been away on vacation the week and a half, and am now catching up on your blog. No, can't say I've tried the list tactic. Might have to try it.