Thursday, November 14, 2013

I am clueless

We are doing fine, but we’re all a bit more tired than usual. My husband has returned to work.  I am ramping up my low-fat cooking skillz.  I am also gearing up to host two Thanksgiving dinners, one on this Sunday, and one on Thanksgiving Day.  You might not hear from me for awhile, until I emerge from the kitchen.

On top of all that Hanukkah is coming up, even before Thanksgiving.  Instead of racking my addled brain to come up with gift ideas, I did what I always do – I asked the kids what they would like.  Once I have their list, then I get them the most educational item on it. 

Yesterday, I was driving Youngest Daughter somewhere, and that is when she responded to my request for a gift list.

YD:  Mom, I thought of something I would like for Hanukkah.  It’s “Full Metal Alchemist.”

Me:  Is that a rock band?  No.  Is it related to chemistry?  Because I can tell you that alchemy has long been discredited as….

YD:    Mom.  It’s not science!  It’s a manga.

Me: What is that?   Is it a small woodland creature that lives in Madagascar?

YD:    Mom.  That would be a lemur.

Me:  You say that as if lemurs are the only small woodland creatures that live in Madagascar.   Did you say ‘manga’?  Is that a kind of fruit?  Maybe you meant mango?

YD:    MOM!  Manga!  It’s a Japanese art form.  Full Metal Alchemist is a book written with some words and mostly pictures and you read it from right to left.

Me: So you have regressed to reading comic books. 

YD:  It’s not a comic book!  It’s manga!

She proceeded to tell me a bit of the premise of this Japanese graphic novel, which involved partially dismembered people being awesome.  I guess it will be a better gift than socks.  Except she needs socks.


The Crislers said...

It's a comic book. I'm not knocking Manga, mind you- there are some really great ones out there, of which Full Metal Alchemist is one, although I've never read it- but manga and graphic novels are basically bound comic books (but are the length of several comic books in one).

I hope you all continue to heal and survive the next week!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've heard of Manga...and frankly, having read a comic book recently I confess to being in awe of the vocabulary level used in them these days.

Angie said...

My boys love that stuff, too. Like you, I'm clueless!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Wait, you read them right to left? Consider me newly educated.

I am not ready for Thanksgiving, I'm working more days than not, and our church is having a celebration this coming Sunday for our 125th anniversary. I can't even begin to worry about Christmas... but I really should consider some gifts.
Hanukkah really is early this year (I'm grateful to not be living in an interfaith household -- it's hard enough that my DIL's birthday is on Thursday!)