Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Heard at Bible study

In this post I bring you snippets which I have heard at church and/or Bible study over the past few months. 

- “Bless your lil ol’ pea-pickin’ heart!”

- “Charles Spurgeon – is that a kind of fish?”

- “Clear the swamp when you’re up to your ass in alligators.”

-  “Seven daughters?!  And they didn’t invite Moses over for dinner?”

- “In Exodus 2:19 we’re not in Kansas any more!”

- “Corinth – it’s right near Ikea.”  [Corinth was in the region called “Achaea.”]

- “Throughout the Bible we see these regular old schmoes getting a mission.”

- “What would you do if your rhododendron started talking to you?”

Things our parents said to threaten discipline:
Don’t make me come up there!
Do I have to stop the car?
You don’t want me to come back there.
            - the Book of Mothers and Fathers

- Eat the foods from the Bible and you will live 900 years.

* * * * * *

That’s all I got today – I don’t seem to have the energy to write a real post.  Life is going strong, and everything is good here, except Youngest Daughter has a cold and the bathroom sink is leaking, and I have to be two places at once tomorrow.  But we have four walls and a floor, soft beds, food, and recently discovered Doctor Who episodes.  We are watching the Christopher Eccleston version.  As I understand it, there are 11 different Doctor Whos.  (Who’s?  Whose? Whoes?) Doctor Who must have eaten foods from the Bible, 'cause he's been around a long time.


Cassi Renee said...

Were these all heard at one Bible Study session? You are surrounded by funny people --and really, that "Charles Spurgeon --is that a kind of fish?" I might have to use that.

I'm sorry YD has a cold. Colds aren't supposed to hit us this soon after school starts. There should be a mandatory waiting period.

Alison said...

Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! (MUST be read with Southern accent.)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

The Charles Spurgeon comment cracked me up -- and I am now contemplating my rhodie.

My women's study had us discussing anger issues in Jonah this morning.

I've got so much going on in the next few weeks that I'm considering not going on my semi-annual scrapbooking retreat. (Unheard of for me since I am surrounded by men all the time.)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Which "who's/se/s" should you use?
Thanks for the chuckle--funny stuff--I like "pea-pickin'" best.

The Crislers said...

I once walked into a bible study as a teenager, and the first person I saw (and my mom's best friend) decided to announce that it was "colder than a well-digger's ass in here!" In her defense, it was.