Sunday, August 25, 2013

Einstein prepares for classes

Einstein - Mother's Little Helper

It’s amazing what Einstein and I can get done when the universe is aligned properly, which is to say:
            a.  Two kids successfully off to college
            b.  Youngest kid reasonably ready for high school
            c.  Nephew’s stuff we’ve been storing successfully delivered to his dorm
            d.  Work computer completely kaput
            e.  Mother-in-law moved to assisted living
f.  Mother-in-law’s house reasonably prepared to go on the market
            g.  Weeds in the gardens ignored

I’ve been working at cleaning up my desk for three days (ever since my work computer quit).  Finally tonight, Einstein stared me down and got me to take care of the last bit.  This is the cleanest this desk is ever going to get. 

Four days ago I cleaned the refrigerator.  Once the Common Household Son moved out, the refrigerator looked alarmingly empty.  Einstein says that’s the best time to clean a fridge.  I also vigorously scrubbed the kitchen floor.

My husband cleaned out Son’s room, which was atrociously dirty.  Einstein was smart enough to stay away from that scene. 

As soon as the college kids moved out, we discovered their bathroom sink was horribly clogged.  Cleaning a clogged drain is one nasty, smelly job.  Oh, where is our Scout with the Plumbing Merit Badge when we need him?!  Einstein would wisely point out that it was an excellent opportunity to get rid of all the junk that was hiding in the sink cabinet, including bath toys from 7+ years ago.  So I did.

Einstein and I are ready for school.  Just in time – classes start tomorrow for everybody in the Common Household.  Good luck with school, everyone!


Suburban Correspondent said...

Good job on the desk!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Way to take advantage of the emptiness to give it all a good scrub!

Cassi Renee said...

Just making a list like that seems cleansing! I have one more complicated day (husband still gone, daughter not starting school till tomorrow, me having to teach today) and then things should get better. Till Friday, when we have to drive 10 hours back to Ohio. Sigh.

Angie said...

Very inspiring, thank you! Now that my two sons are also off to college, I'm about to embark on a major housecleaning and purge. We're considering downsizing and moving into "town" (as opposed to the suburb we now live in.) The thought of getting this place ready to put on the market overwhelms me. Einstein, take me away!!

The Crislers said...

Gracious. Put your feet up and have a glass of wine. Then bring yourself and Einstein to my house, I've got plenty of things to keep you both occupied.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Did Einstein suggest pouring vinegar down the drain?

Oh, and if he needs a challenge, I've got quite a few things here that need cleaning up -- not to mention the whole assisted living conundrum!