Friday, July 29, 2011


Some anticipation, and some satisfaction:

0 days until Youngest Daughter returns home from horseback riding Girl Scout camp – they’re home! 

4 days until Son finishes his course of antibiotic ear drops.  Thanks to God and a different prescription, it looks like he's getting over this ear infection. Which is good, because we’ve got to get back to driving lessons.

Exactly one week until Bible study – I’ve missed the past two meetings, and can hardly wait until next Friday.

13 days to the big USDA grain production report.  I would say we’re holding our breath, but we’re not.  Instead there are twice weekly meetings to discuss, revise, dispute, decide.

20 days to my 50th birthday.  But I don’t feel a day over 29 years old.  Except when my knee hurts or I can’t remember what I went down to the basement to do.

Less than a month to college move-in day for Oldest Daughter.  We are not ready. 

Exactly one month until school classes start!  Time to buy extra pencils and find all those book sox.

Two months to the Jewish New Year.  Apples and honey!

One year minus 4 days to Youngest Daughter’s bat mitzvah.  So many arrangements to be made, but who has the time?

What satisfactions and anticipations does your calendar bring to you right now?


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Holy countdowns! I like this way of seeing what's going on in your world.

Angie said...

Only two weeks till my boys start school. The summer went too fast!

Renee said...

This is kind of fun/scary. Let's see.

5 days until the friends birthday party at our house.

6 days until one of my best friends and her husband comes to stay for a couple of days (good timing, since the house will already be cleaned for the party the day before!)

20 days until my new semester starts (what?!! How will I be ready?!)

24 days until Emma's school starts (notice that I have to be ready before she's even had a full day at school and out of my hair? Hence the worry about being ready.)

I'm not sure I can look any further along --it's too scary!