Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Young children were ignored.  Laundry was left unfolded.  Dishes were abandoned in the sink.  School papers piled up on the table.  Why?  Because of the U.S. tax code.  Shhhh!  Mama’s doing the taxes.

Actually the Common Household Mom finished our federal tax return last month.  It was a hellish experience, requiring late-night sessions reading convoluted instructions to subtract line 6 from line 7 but only if greater than zero, and several calls to the IRS, only to find out that I knew more than the IRS representative.  My private language becomes uncommonly obscene during tax season.

Here are a few of the tidbits I gleaned from my late-night reading:

“Certain whaling captains may be able to deduct expenses paid in 2009 for Native Alaskan subsistence bowhead whale hunting activities.”  P. A-8

“Making Work Pay Credit: You may be able to take this credit if you have earned income from work.”  P. 47

The whole tax system is a welfare program for accountants.  I beg you, Accountants, have mercy, and lobby for a simpler U.S. tax code!  Income times percentage equals tax due.  You can even have a minimum income level below which no tax is due.  But mercy me, please do away with all the other calculations that require such ridiculous mental gymnastics.  And may God’s kingdom come on earth, Amen.

Preparing the federal return exhausted me so much that I put off the state and local taxes until last night.  There’s no time like the present.

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Angie said...

Thank goodness Bob does our taxes. And he barely got them in on time.