Monday, November 23, 2009

Four things my kids know about famous people

Youngest Daughter:  “Clark Kent?  Didn’t Clark Kent write all those books under the name of Mark Twain?”
* * *
Dad:  “Did Ben Franklin invent the toilet?”
Oldest Daughter: “No, that was Leonardo diCaprio.”
* * *
Dad, explaining ancient comedians to the kids:  “George Burns played vaudeville.”
Son:  “Who’s Vaudeville?”
* * *
Piano teacher:  "Robert Schumann was born in 1810."
Youngest Daughter:  "Oh!  That's when my mommy was alive!"

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Maria Sondule said...

I did not say Leo diCaprio. I said Divinci and then I said I was ABOUT to say Leo DiCaprio. There's a difference. At least I didn't think Beethoven lived in Greece.